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Advertise Your Business Successfully with Direct Mail

Solo Mailings 
Political Campaigns
Mail Automation 
Database Management
Dupe Elimination
Pre-Sorting to USPS Specifications
Targeted Marketing
Mail Lists By Any Criteria
Professional Graphic Design and Printing

Pay The Absolute Minimum Postage! Using the Post Office today to achieve discounted third class rates is complex. 

We correct and sort your database into the least expensive mailing class. Savings in postal cost offset much of the additional cost of using a mailing house. Through The Mail Room we offer design, printing, and database management to give you a quality product. 

If you have a desire to establish a mailing program give us a call. We can help you design and write a message that works. We can deliver that message to certain household types, income levels, age groups, family types or lifestyle groups.  Call us today at 530-626-3466

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